At Sweetcupoftees, our mission is to empower women by intertwining faith with fashion. We aim to inspire resilience and courage, offering a symbol of hope and inner strength through our clothing.

Welcome to Sweetcupoftees, a testament to faith, fashion, and the power of believing. We're two sisters from Jamaica, where faith is as essential as the air we breathe. Our journey hasn't been easy, filled with self-doubt and fears, but it led us to create something beautiful: a clothing brand that's more than just apparel it's a source of inspiration and empowerment.

Sweetcupoftees was born from our struggles and our triumph over them. It represents the courage to believe in the unbelievable and to step out in faith. Each piece we design carries a piece of our story, our faith, and our heart. Our brand is for every woman who's ever doubted herself, who's been afraid to pursue her dreams. When you wear Sweetcupoftees, you're embracing not just a style but a mindset of strength, faith, and purpose.

Join us in this journey of fashion and faith. Let's walk in our God-given purpose together, boldly and confidently.

With love,

Sharon & Kearon, Founders of Sweetcupoftees



Our goal at Sweetcupoftees is to inspire women through faith-inspired fashion, encouraging them to embrace their strength and pursue their unique purpose with confidence.



Sweetcupoftees is more than just a brand name; it symbolizes a profound journey of faith and resilience in the spirit of women. This name, sweet and comforting, represents a cup filled with hope, courage, and inspiration, especially in challenging times. It's a metaphor for rejuvenating our souls and moving forward with strength. Our faith-based clothing brand seeks to empower women to embrace the extraordinary, overcome fear and self-doubt, and connect with their divine purpose.

The essence of Sweetcupoftees is akin to a warm cup of tea, nurturing the spirit and inspiring women to realize their worth and potential. This brand is a celebration of faith's power, the strength in embracing one's destiny, and the resilience in every woman's heart. It's a reminder that amidst life's challenges, we can find solace and motivation to fulfill our dreams. Sweetcupoftees stands as a beacon, encouraging women to cherish their faith and fearlessly pursue their God-given purpose.